OMI Land Title Services

OMI Land Title Services (OMI-LTS), a division of OPDI, started as a property documentation unit. It is in charge of all land transactions including title verification, title transfer and relocation surveys of all of OPDI’s real estate assets.

Recognizing the need of the real estate industry for a professional company that could handle land titling concerns, OMI-LTS started offering its services to corporate clients in 2005. Over the years, it has developed the technical and legal expertise in resolving various aspects of land title management such as registration and transfer of title, reconstitution of lost title, trace back of ownership/due diligence, transfer of ownership, boundary disputes and application for land titling. OMI-LTS has been able to steadily grow its corporate clients through the years. These include major banking institutions such as Bank of the Philippine Islands, Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, United Coconut Planters Bank, Philippine Veterans Bank, East West Bank and Maybank.

In 2010,  OMI-LTS opened its door to retail clients and now services not only major banking Institutions, insurance companies, asset management companies, property developers but also individual property owners.

OMI-LTS’ ultimate goal is to make sure that every real estate transaction is safe, on time and well documented…giving its valuable clients the security and peace of mind they truly deserve.

OMI-LTS Services:

  1. Title Management
    1. Title Transfer/ Registration of Title
    2. Subdivision/Consolidation of Title
    3. Registration/Cancellation of Mortgage Annotation
    4. Reconstitution of Lost Title
  2. Research
    1. Title Verification / Due diligence
  3. Land Survey
    1. Relocation/Boundary Survey
    • To re-establish the property lines or boundaries of a real property to make sure that the actual area matches the area and technical description indicated on the land title.
    1. Subdivision Survey
    • Services include a subdivision survey to split a parcel of land into two or more lots and securing approval of the subdivision plan by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources or Land Registration Authority.
    1. Topographic Survey *
    • To help land owners, architects, planners, developers and government agencies in determining land use or development and for landscaping.

    * performed by a licensed Geodetic Engineer

  4. Property Management
    1. Real Property Tax Payment

Contact Information:

OMI Land Title Services
Tel. No.: (632) 884-1106  (Look for Mr. Hardy Lipana or Ms. Rose Cruz)

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