Orion Maxis Inc.


Orion Maxis Inc. (OMI) was incorporated in 2000 in Manila, Philippines and acted as sales and marketing affiliate for the distribution of Lepanto Tiles by  LCI.

OMI handled LCI’s sales operations and marketing support for over 300 active distributors, with a combined presence of over 1000 outlets nationwide.  The company also set the pace for new product development, customer service, advertising and promotions for Lepanto Tiles.

OMI has since expanded its horizons to include distribution of imported quality finishing materials that offer technological breakthroughs and solutions for more efficient and cost-effective construction projects. Recently, OMI has been appointed as exclusive local distributor of San Marco Paints, a leading decorative paint brand from Italy that offers creative and reasonably-priced paint solutions for finishing walls and ceilings, as well as exterior and interior basic paints for all types of construction projects.

OMI’s current services include establishing, developing and providing management and logistical infrastructure services to its clients in the construction and land development industries. As a dependable partner for construction projects, OMI offers free training on paint applications and design, one-on-one consultations for interior design projects, and project monitoring and management for wall and ceiling paint applications that will ensure on-time completion of construction and design projects while staying true to aesthetic and budget plans.

Contact Information:

Orion Maxis Inc.
Tel. No.  (632) 884-1106  (Look for Ms. Mary  Ann M. Recinto)

Email:  marecinto@orionmaxis.com