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Incorporated in 1989, Prime Orion Philippines, Inc. (POPI) has diversified interests in industries such as non-life insurance, real estate/property management, manufacturing, distribution, land titling and information technology (IT) consulting services.

TUTUBAN PROPERTIES, INC. is a premiere wholesale and retail shopping center in Divisoria that provides the shoppers the best value for money and excellent customer shopping convenience.

LEPANTO CERAMICS, INC. is committed to be the leading tile company with the top-of–mind brand of choice set apart by its distinct characteristics of superior quality and total customer satisfaction.

ORION MAXIS INC. is engaged in the business of establishing, developing and providing management and logistical infrastructure service, as well as distribution of ceramic and porcelain tiles.

FLT PRIME INSURANCE CORPORATION is a non-life insurance of choice that adapts to ever-changing institutional and retail needs by offering customized and innovative products at affordable prices, excellent service and complete customer satisfaction.

ORION SOLUTIONS, INC. is the preferred IT Business Partner of POPI and its subsidiaries, composed of highly-trained IT professionals, leveraging on latest IT technology, methodology, vendor partnership and robust IT organization, delivering efficient and cost-effective IT solutions that will support the growth initiatives of the group.

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